What are The Various Types Of The Electrical Heater?

One of the best ways to improve a home is by making it more energy efficient. If you aren’t already, one way to do that would be to install an electric fan heater that can heat your entire house. This type of heater works very well for homes in the northern hemisphere and its popularity has been growing steadily since the early 1990s when it was introduced. 

There are two main types of electric fan heater, both of which use a blower to circulate warm air. The first type uses hot water from the local water supply (electric or gas) as the heat source. These types of heater have several advantages over fuel-burning versions. They are quieter, easier on the environment, less expensive to operate, and most importantly, they don’t create any additional smoke or fumes during operation. In addition, electric fan heaters produce no carbon monoxide, so they won’t harm anyone within a hundred feet of their location. 

The second type of heater circulates room temperature air through a heat exchanger where the air is heated by electric coils. There are a few differences between these types of heater, but they all work similarly. When you turn the power on, the air inside the unit is circulated until the thermostat says that it’s time for the heater to shut off. 

When used correctly, an electric fan heater will not only help with heating your home, but it will also make the home look better than ever before. Here we’ll show you just how much this can benefit you! 

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Benefits of an Electric Fan Heater 

Before we get into the benefits of installing an electric fan heater, let’s take some time to discuss why you should consider getting one. 

First of all, if you live in an area where winters are cold enough to require heat, then an electric fan heater is definitely necessary. It is far more affordable than having a fireplace installed, especially if you’re doing it yourself. You can easily find a model of electric fan heater that will fit almost any budget – even if yours isn’t big, there are plenty of models available that will fit right under your roof. 

You’ll also save money during the warmer months of the year because you won’t need to use any other form of heater. In fact, many people enjoy using electric fan heaters in the summertime due to the cool breeze that they provide while cooling down your home. 

Another major advantage of installing an electric fan heater is increased comfort. An electric fan heater will keep your home at a comfortable temperature without creating any smoke, fumes or carbon monoxide. Many people worry about breathing in unhealthy fumes and particles and even though an electric fan heater won’t create any of those things, it will still allow you to breathe clean, fresh air. 

An electric fan heater will also increase the resale value of your home. Most buyers want to know that a new homeowner is environmentally aware and will continue to invest in green technology. While it’s possible to add a traditional gas furnace to your home, it will cost you $4,000-$6,000 for installation and upkeep. With an electric fan heater, however, you’ll spend around $1,500 with installation included and that’s not including the ongoing costs of keeping your heater running properly. 

In short, an electric fan heater will pay itself back in savings on energy bills and it will increase the overall value of your property. 

Types of Electric Fan Heaters 

If you’ve decided that you want to install an electric fan heater, then you will need to decide what kind of heater you’d like to buy. There are two main types of electric fan heater: the convection type and the radiant type. Both work in a similar manner, but each is designed differently. Let’s discuss both options. 

Convection Electric Fan Heaters 

Convection electric fans heat up the air in the same way that the sun does in the sky. The air flows across a heating element and is warmed up. Some units also come with a filter system to remove dust particles from the air. Convection electric fan heaters tend to be smaller than their radiant counterparts and they often require fewer outlets. 

Radiant Electric Fan Heaters 

Unlike convection electric fan heaters, radiant electric fan heaters use a series of heat emitters that are usually placed directly above the flooring throughout the house. The unit is connected to a central exhaust fan that pulls warm air out of the house. Radiant electric fan heaters tend to be larger than their convection counterparts and they typically run on three or four outlets. 

Both types of electric fan heaters work extremely well for heating your home. In terms of size, both types of heater do exactly the same thing – they circulate air throughout your house. However, there are some significant differences between them. 

For starters, convection electric fan heaters are generally smaller than their radiant counterparts. This means that they’ll fit better under your roof and they’re easier to install yourself. As a result, convection electric fan heaters are typically considered the best option for most homeowners who are looking for a heater that will fit in their home. 

On the other hand, radiant electric fan heaters are slightly larger and are also typically more expensive. Because they use a blower instead of heat emitters, radiant electric fan heaters must blow air through a large surface area. This requires a powerful fan motor and it also means that the unit takes longer to circulate the air throughout the house. 

As a result, radiant electric fan heaters are usually recommended for homes that have a lot of space and are interested in getting maximum heat throughout the house. 

In conclusion, both types of electric fan heaters offer the same basic service: circulating room temperature air throughout the house. However, there are some important differences between the two. So, which type would be the best choice for you? Ultimately, only you can decide which type of heater would be perfect. But if you choose a convection electric fan heater, you can rest assured knowing that the heater you select will fit perfectly beneath your roof. And if you decide on a radiant electric fan heater, you can rest easy knowing that the heater will give your home maximum warmth.