Time For Mules At Minecraft: What Are the Options?

Minecraft has already introduced a variety of mounts to the game, from horses and pigs to donkeys, each with specific attributes and abilities perfect for exploring maps on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. However, while most players are thinking about how to breed horses, there is another type of animal that can come in handy: mules. Check out how to create them and find out what they are for. As you buy minecraft accounts you can think of the following:

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The great advantage of mules is that they can carry weight like donkeys, but with superior attributes, inherited from their horse parents. This means that you can have an animal to carry items like a donkey, but it moves faster, jumps higher and has more stamina. The downside is that mules cannot equip armor, and their stats are not yet as high as those of horses.

Breeding a mule is almost like breeding a horse, with the difference that there is a donkey involved in mating and mules are not found in the wild. You’ll have to tame both animals and use a golden apple or carrot to put them into breeding mode, just like making a horse. When you buy minecraft accounts you need to be quite specific.

How to breed horses and donkeys to raise mules

  • Step 1

Approach a horse and donkey with no items in hand. Click the place blocks button to assemble them. The animal will be domesticated when hearts appear and the animal stops knocking it down.

  • Step 2

Take them to a fenced place with a saddle or by pulling them with a lasso.

  • Step 3

On a worktable, create two golden apples with one apple and eight gold bars each, or two golden carrots with one carrot and eight gold nuggets each. There is no difference in which item to use, but the carrot uses less resources.

  • Step 4

Feed the horse and donkey the apple or golden carrot and they will go into breeding mode.

  • Step 5

Ready! Now you have a little mule that, when you grow up, can ride on your adventures.

How to equip mules

  • Step 6

Wait for the mule to grow, which happens in a random amount of time, and use the same method as horses and donkeys to tame it.

  • Step 7

Mount the mule and equip it with a saddle. Unlike their horse parents, mules cannot wear armor.

  • Step 8

Get off the mule and use a worktable to create a chest with eight simple wooden boards.

  • Step 9

Select the chest in your items, approach your mule and press the place blocks button.

  • Step 10

Ready! You now have a mule with a pack bag capable of carrying 15 different types of items and with higher stats than a pack donkey.

Initially, in Creative mode, where there was how to make a horse’s egg, it was not possible to make a mule’s egg. Currently, this issue is resolved and just updates the game to a newer version and the player will have access to mule eggs to create the animal wherever you want.