The Moon Tarot Card – Know about the features of the tarot card 

The eighteenth card of the Major Arcana in tarot is the Moon. It is large and bright, with sixteen chief rays and sixteen secondary rays. Two beasts, reminding dogs are howling at it and there is a crayfish coming out of the water. We can see a path between the beasts. The Moon is frowning, suspended between two pillars. The numerical value for this card is twelve. It is predominated by Pisces.

The understanding of the tigers eye meaning is essential to have the protection in life. You can know about some features of the tiger eye if you want to get success in real life. There is no harm provided to the life to the people. There is meeting of the requirements for successful life. 

The Moon is associated with imagination, dreams and psychic impressions. It is about illusions and inability to see things clearly, which might lead to losing control over your real life and depression. This card also stands for psychic work, such as fiction writing or acting, which is connected with entertainment industry. The Moon also relates to the unconscious mind.

According to tarot cards interpretation, the eighteenth Major Arcana card is about feeling fear. Your subconsciousness releases your inner demons and you begin to feel a nameless anxiety. The Moon is associated with being overcome by phobias and lacking courage to face the reality. You give in to the shadow inside you and become your own enemy.

Another weakness the Moon tells about is believing illusions. When the real life is not as beautiful as you wanted it to be, you start to deceive yourself and create your own world, idealistic and unreal. You misapprehend the truth and accept the false picture to feel better. The distortions and unrealistic ideas are your escape from cold reality. You chase after a fantasy and forget about your everyday life.

However, stimulating the imagination can be a positive thing. Opening to fantasies and plumbing the unconscious can be an exciting experience. The Moon stands for vivid dreams and visions, the unusual and original thoughts. Those who don’t have such fertile imagination may think of you as bizzare and outlandish.

Sometimes you can get lost in your dreams and fantasies and feel bewildered. When lies and illusions are involved, you will definitely lose direction at some point and become confused. You will have trouble thinking clearly and distinguishing fantasy from reality. This will make you feel disoriented, as living in a lie is always like wandering in the dark.

The two creatures, howling at the Moon are claimed to be a dog and a wolf. The second one symbolises the wild side of human’s nature. Both of them are claimed to stand for our fears and the fact that everyone can submit to illusions, no matter how intelligent and civilized he is.

If the Moon appears in tarot cards reading, it is a warning for you. Something you believe in is not true, not what it seems to be. You have to look around carefully, but first of all search inside your mind. It is probably the illusion you have created yourself to make your life look brighter and more beautiful. However, in the real world, there are many traps and dangers you don’t want to see. If you notice that, you will be able to deal with them and succeed.

On the other hand, maybe you think that your situation is hopeless and all you can do is to escape into your imaginary world. Take a look around and find out that your life is not as horrible as you think. You can’t move on if you’re dreaming constantly. Take a step forward and realise that you have to take care of your real life, even though it is a lot more difficult.

The Moon might also mean that you have lost your way and now you wander around aimlessly. It is possible that you’re on the wrong path. The best thing you can do in this situation is to listen to your intuition and let it guide you. Use your psychic forces and find out where to go.

When the Moon appears in tarot cards reading reversed, it means the need for secrecy or even deception. As in the basic interpretation, it stands for escaping into illusions and daydreams to avoid dealing with the real life. It makes you unable to discern reality from fantasies. This position is also associated with insincere people, trickery and hidden forces. Maybe you cannot reveal the truth and desperately need help. Remember that when you live in the world of illusions, there is a great danger that you will get lost and won’t be able to get back to real life.