Muscle Building Getting Lean Case Study

The Goal: Get ready for a National Physique Committee Contest in ten weeks.

This is all very new to me. Although I have always worked out and played all kinds of sports, a physique contest (not at all like a body building competition) is more than a little bit scary.

The Contest:

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of how it works…there are different age categories for men. In the upcoming Vermont National Qualifier there will be an open category (for anyone), Masters (age 35 and over) and then Masters (45 and over)-that’s my group. Maybe that group will be called Masters of the Universe:)

The actual contest is pretty straight forward…contestants wear board shorts (cut to 1″ above the knee) and walk out on stage – stand with a relaxed front view, oblique view and rear view. then wave and walk off stage. Sounds simple. Still a little scary though.

The Judging:

How is this judged? I’ve talked to a few trainers at my gym who have experience working with men and women who regularly compete in physique contests and here is the gist of what the judges look for…

A muscular (but definitely not body builder) physique with low body fat (6-8%), good symmetry and definition. Since your legs are covered up to the knee, thighs don’t matter much but the major muscles that have a big impact include: shoulders, calves, biceps and, of course, abs.

The Plan:

So I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now and here is how things stand…

The Plan (continued): So far I have made a few changes to my diet and workouts. Nothing too drastic.

Here is a list of some of the major changes and modifications:

  • Drink more water throughout the day…I know you have seen that idea on our site!
  • Eat good quality protein with every meal and snack throughout the day and eat something every 2-3 hours – even if it’s a handful of almonds.

  • Added a few new supplements to help with workout recovery…again, nothing too complicated.
  • Cut back on red wine with meals
  • 2-3 days per week of high intensity interval running on the treadmill (only 20-30 minutes each time)
  • Started lifting a bit more weight with less reps
  • Increase testosterone level naturally. Aim for natural foods that are rich in testosterone and exercise with uttermost discipline regularly. Healthy testosterone levels in body burn fat and make the appearance toned, shredded and healthy. Fat burning process in the body is triggered and enhanced thus giving you the effective result of your exercise.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses so keep checking back. I’d also like to give a huge thanks to my wife, Cindy, for her amazing support in this adventure. Meal planning and cooking incredible healthy meals is never an easy task…especially when you are trying to keep a family of five happy and well fed.