Minecraft Block Story Play Minecraft Online Games

Fly at high speed and breathe underwater in Minecraft Block Story. Take a look at this at this amazing free Minecraft online game!

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For all Minecraft and block building fans here we have Minecraft Block Story, a free Minecraft game that will keep you building for hours if not days!

Minecraft Block Story is a game based in the popular block building title and as its predecessor, you need to destroy blocks in order to gather resources and to create all sorts of tools and edifications, in Minecraft Block Story the only limit is your imagination. Minecraft Block Story is a game that features Minecraft skins and Minecraft maps just like any Minecraft seed or biomes in the original game.

What Do I Need to Play This Game?

If you are getting excited about this game you need to know that it is required from you to install Unity Web Player as the game is designed in this video game tool. By installing Unity web plugin you will be able to play this title and many others all featuring high definition graphics and fantastic gameplay.

What You Can Find in This Game

Start the game by naming your new world and by selecting a seed if you want to. From here you have two different modes to select from, Minecraft story mode and Minecraft Exploring mode. In both modes you need to use your keypad in order to move around and to explore every single corner of each featured massive world. By pressing the Space Bar you will perform a high jump; the mouse will help you searching around.

In Minecraft Block Story you are not alone and you need to learn skills like: Underwater breath, Fly speed and loot distance in order to make your adventure time easier and more profitable.

Equip different items that you can create by crafting them from all resources you find during your quest. Remember that wood, stone and ores can be used to create different tools and weapons, just gather as many Minecraft resources as you can and then try different recipes to create the most powerful weapons, by doing so you can feel safe and confident about facing all sorts of mobs that appear along the map.