How To Lose Belly Fat For Women Recently Pregnant

Having children is a blessing but looking at your belly after giving birth is enough to steal your joy away. To add to that, I am sure you have seen all those Hollywood moms who are back to their svelte form just a few works after giving birth which can be demoralizing for the rest of us not in Hollywood without access to trainers and dietitians. For tips on how to lose belly fat for women who have recently given birth, read on.

Getting your body back after baby is not just for Hollywood moms but is available to all. It goes without saying that diet and exercise will help you get closer to the body that you had before your little munchkin was born so that you no longer have to say that you are still trying to lose the baby weight even as the little munchkin is going off to college.

The following are some of the best exercises to lose belly fat if you are on the search for how to lose belly fat for women who were recently pregnant. Make sure that you get the go ahead from your doctor before beginning these exercises.

  1. Progressive Crunchless Crunch

This crunch is performed while sitting in a chair and not on the floor which is good because you will not strain your neck or back as you would if you were performing this on the floor.

While sitting in a chair, place your hands on your belly – one hand above and one hand below your navel – so that you will be able to feel the stomach contraction. Keep your back straight.

Take a deep breath that allows you to expand your midsection completely. Breathe out as you slowly pull your navel to your spine. Then contract your abs some more five times and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat eight to ten times which makes up a set. Perform one to three sets.

You can also perform this exercise while lying on your back on the floor or on a mat. Pick the position that suits you and helps you feel your stomach contractions better.

  1. Contractions

For this exercise, sit in a chair as you did with the progressive crunchless crunch and take a deep breath. For this exercise, as you breathe out, pull your belly button towards your spine halfway unlike the first exercise above. Hold and then pull your navel all the way to your spine. Hold and return to the half way point and then pull the belly button back to the spine. See if you can do 100 reps of this exercise. Do not hold your breathe. Remember to breathe normally throughout these exercises to oxygenate your muscles.

  1. Crunchless Crunch

This is similar to the progressive crunchless crunch however this exercise consists of just one move.

Lie on your stomach or kneel. Choose the position that you are comfortable with. Relax your body as you begin to use only your lower abs to move your navel to your spine. Practice makes perfect. Hold this position for a count of ten or longer as you get stronger. The goal should be to hold this contraction until you no longer feel the contraction or until you feel other muscles working harder than the transverse abdominus which runs horizontally underneath your lower and upper abs. Return to the starting position and repeat eight to ten times.

If looking for tips on how to lose belly fat for women who have just had a baby, the above exercises are a great start. While exercise is certainly beneficial, making diet changes will allow you to see faster results.

To ensure best results, you can also optimise your diet and include the addition of  fat burning supplements into your diet plan and exercise plan, with the appropriate diet plan you can also ensure added benefits that last through the incorporation of all the right ingredients for the perfect recipe to a successful weight-loss journey.