How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Love Me Again Right Now

Sometimes a relationship can be over before it’s over. The two of you may still be together but the warmth, love and companionship is gone. At times like this, a woman may ask the question: how can I get my boyfriend to love me again? Answering this question will be easier if the two of you are still together, but not impossible if you aren’t. You have to figure out what caused the relationship to cool and then try to reverse whatever that was.

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If the two of you recently broke up the thing that you feel most like doing is the one thing you absolutely should never do: call him (text him, IM him, etc.) This is especially important if he broke up with you. If you start acting like some sort of crazy stalker lady, at worst you’re going to end up with a restraining order against you and at best he’ll only think of you as his ‘sure thing, back up plan’. Neither of those is terrific option. Give him space.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go out and find another guy or hide under your bed. While you are giving your ex time, take some time for you. I’m sure that there are things that you wanted to do or liked to do that got put on the back burner while the two of you were together. Now is the time to remember those things and start doing them again.

Most men prefer a woman who is self-sufficient and confident. Those are probably traits you had at first, it’s time to re-introduce yourself to those traits and start having fun and doing all the things you meant to do or used to do. Your ex will hear about it through the grapevine and he will be intrigued. You might just find that he is calling you, by resorting to the woman you used to be you are reminding him of the woman he fell in love with. Plus, by keeping yourself busy you aren’t allowing yourself time to wallow and obsess.

The same principle can hold true if you and your guy are still together, but just not feeling the love. Don’t make a big issue out of it, just start doing some of the things that you were planning on doing but somehow got sidetracked when you and your guy got together. Whatever it was, whether it was going back to school, learning to cook, taking a trip, etc. This will remind both of you of the woman you used to be. That can help him remember the love he had for you and it can remind you of the person you used to be and make positive changes to be that woman again.