Godaddy Web Hosting Reviews – Check out the reviews

GoDaddy has always been a high profile web host. Since the early years when the founder, Bob Parsons, began the business way back in 1997 as Jomax Technologies. It was later renamed as Go Daddy.

The brand became well known in the web hosting space over the years with key high profile sponsorship deals and prominent TV ad buys. The TV promotions have often been self-depreciating or humorous highlighting the convenience or low pricing from Go Daddy.

After the checking of the godaddy reviews, you will get to know about the services of the hosting software. It is become easy for you to find out the godaddy alternatives that provides the similar services to the clients. So, the checking of the reviews is beneficial.

Ownership Position

Ownership with web hosting companies becomes relevant because many smaller and now some larger web hosts are being bought up by consolidators like Endurance International Group. These buyouts are often run as separate brands with nary a mention made in the “About Us” page of each web host that they are owned by the same corporate entity.

This type of ownership has some relevant for customers because upon purchase, many servers under several web host brands are centralised in data centres. As has happened to Endurance over a period of several years, a service interruption then hits several brands in the group. Therefore, a customer can think they have diversified between web hosts but may often be completely unaware that both their hosting accounts are in fact managed in the same data center.

In the case of GoDaddy, it was bought out by private equity investor KKR and Silver Lake Partners (with a 3rd unnamed co-acquirer) in 2011 for a multi-billion dollar price tag. The previous CEO and founder, Bob Parsons, stepped down and is now Executive Chairman.

Product Offering

GoDaddy is well known as a provider of domains. Whether that’s new registrations of the well established GoDaddy Auction Marketplace, the company is known for domain name sales. This has been backed up by a multi-year history of distributing digital discount Godaddy coupons to reduce the initial cost of domain registration, sometimes as low as £1. Renewal coupons are often available in order to reduce the cost of renewing cheaply purchased domains too.

GoDaddy does actually have a broad range of hosting products including shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS servers and dedicated servers. The GoDaddy webmail is also easy to use. There is also a GoDaddy hosting forum to ask questions with staff and other customers.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting

Looking at the GoDaddy web hosting reviews out there, you’ll find a mixed report. For a long time, to make purchases you had to jump through 4-6 pages with confirmations and declines of various offers to actually get something done. This tended to annoy longer term customers who found the whole thing irritating.

The control panel was specific to GoDaddy, so it was difficult to get a handle on it at first. The company had its own way of handling changes like adding a new domain, creating an email and other standard hosting admin tasks for the customer to take care of.

The company has since shifted to cPanel which is much more standard in the hosting industry and most customers are at least somewhat familiar with it. This makes hosting much more attractive.

The GoDaddy shared hosting plans are Economy, Deluxe or Ultimate. They are run on either the Linux or Windows platform. These are presently discounted 50% when signing up for 12 months and not discounted when signing up for a short period.

The Economy package at an initial £2.49+VAT per month can host a single site only and store up to 100GB of data. Both the Deluxe (at £2.99+VAT) and Ultimate (at £4.99+VAT) plans can host an unlimited number of sites and domains on a single plan. The Deluxe plan comes with unlimited storage whereas the Ultimate plan also includes premium DNS and SSL certificated for 1 year.

For Linux, the company uses cPanel and under Windows, the Parallels Plesk software is used as the control panel. This is pretty standard across other web hosts and makes it easier than in the past to manage accounts at GoDaddy.

Pros of GoDaddy Hosting

The shared hosting platform is robust yet affordable. Both Windows and Linux are supported. Unlimited sites can be hosted on two of the 3 plans and disk space is ample.

The number of outage issues has been much fewer and less time consuming than with some other web hosts like some owned by Endurance.

Cons of GoDaddy Hosting

There has always been the feeling that GoDaddy is a domain registrar and not really a web hosting business at all. However, this impression has dissipated of late because of the reliability and depth of their hosting operation.

The company tends to try to bundle hosting with email setup or domain purchases and hook the customer on several products with recurring billing.

GoDaddy had an issue on September 10 2012 when corrupted router tables caused web sites to not be found when looked up on the internet. This took up to 5 hours to resolve. The company did confirm later that it was an internal issue that caused the problem rather than due to external forces, which ruled out the rumored DDOS attack suggested in the media at the time.

GoDaddy initially supported SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, which caused many customers to start a boycott of the company’s services. Later, the company was forced to reverse course on the company position. This is not the first time that corporate flag waving will not find favor with customers and likely will not be the last.


Overall, GoDaddy is a major player in the web hosting space. With over 57 million domain names managed and 12 million customers, the pros far outweigh the cons with GoDaddy.