Four Common Myths About Breastfeeding And Weight Loss

There’s a common understanding that breastfeeding allows new mothers to lose their baby weight much faster in comparison with non-nursing mothers. The root theory to this idea is that breastfeeding melts away enough calories to impact weight loss. Is there any sort of reality to this?

Myth #1 – Breastfeeding burns fat faster than general exercise.

Fact: Although body structure changes quickly after a new mother gives birth, the excess body fat acquired during pregnancy doesn’t go away any more quickly for women who nurse, as opposed to those who don’t. Research has shown that body fat is accumulated by mothers that breastfeed in certain parts of the body where non breastfeeding moms don’t gain. Overall, mothers in both groups lose fat at somewhere around the same rate while body composition becomes more toned for non-nursing mothers a little quicker.

Myth #2 – Breastfeeding mothers use up more calories than non-nursing mothers.

Fact: More energetic moms burn more energy than more sedentary mothers. Breastfeeding mothers are usually less likely to be active. Allowing your body to recover from childbirth is important, but there’s evidence that sensible exercise improves recovery and reestablishes your body to a pre-pregnancy state faster than remaining sedentary. While all new moms really should ease into diet and exercise to permit time for their bodies to recover from childbirth, non-nursing mothers can start to diet sooner than nursing moms. As early as three months after delivery, non-nursing mothers can start to limit calories to facilitate faster weight loss.

Myth #3 – Breastfeeding replaces exercise.

Fact: An appropriately rigorous exercise regime and careful diet helps new moms to lose the extra twenty-five pounds that a majority of women obtain in pregnancy. Exercise also has the benefits of lowering the likelihood of developing post-partum depression. Exercise after having a baby boosts your mood and increases self-confidence. These are important factors when taking into consideration the worries of taking care of a newborn. The fact that exercise also raises energy is essential as new mothers encounter tiredness. Nursing really should be carefully considered by every new mother but choosing to breastfeed centered exclusively on the desire to lose fat faster is not encouraged.

Myth #4 – Nursing mothers are able to consume anything they desire and not put on pounds.

Fact: Just a balanced diet will help you to drop or maintain weight. Junk food, excessive calories and too much sugar may cause you to gain weight, regardless if you are a breastfeeding mom or not. Although nursing may burn calories, it is still true that you need to burn more calories than consume to shed weight.

While many people are convinced that nursing is an excellent way for a new mom to lose weight, it is apparent that the ideal way for anyone, regardless if they are a new mom or not, is to work out and eat a reasonable diet.