Comparison And Advantages Of Microcannula And Sharp Needles

For many decades people have been regularly engaged in adding a filter to their faces. There is a smart technology that helps in dermal fillers through hypodermic needles. However, the aesthetic best cannula for filler injection is much more famous from the last many years because of the extensive region. The dermal Kits have sharp needles through which they treat their patients. Let explain some of the amazing advantages of sharp needles and microcannula.


The microcannula post-treat people with fillers. It is an innovative method that has tremendously gained popularity and has become the leading process in cosmetic clinics. Unlike any traditional needles, these are sharp and quickly penetrate inside the skin. The microcannulas are very flexible and include blunt tips. Cannula helps in opening the path between automatic instead of going for piercing.


  • Whenever a doctor uses sharp Cannulas, they are provided with the option of shooting the filler accurately and enjoying the result.
  • The sharp needles might cause some swelling and redness around the particular area, which are relatively hard to avoid. However, the Blunt cannula happy, the smart technique of decreasing the swelling in minimum downtime.
  • The blunt tip cannula does not enter the artery. This guarantees which is undoubtedly a safer option for any type of treatment.
  • The sharp needles can easily puncture the veins and makes the person feel sicker; meanwhile, the blunt cannula works to push them aside.
  • When a person takes a treatment, they are provided with multiple shots of sharp needles. Due to which their lips feel the real pain. Most people believe in injecting the cannula as it does not cause pain, and a person feels the pleasure of taking the treatment.
  • At the beginning of the procedure, filler injection is used by the doctor to make minor points around the skin. It is possible only with a sharp needle. In the entire procedure, it is a vital step to follow to penetrate the blunt tip into the skin.

Sharp Needles Vs. Microcannula

Probably there are so many articles that differentiate the traditional needle, which is sharp and microcannula with a blunt tip. The principal point among the two types of filler is the possibility of pain and inflammation during treatment. Most people believe in inserting sharp needles as it is effortless to penetrate. However, the smart practitioner will always choose the type of needle which does not cause any kind of risk to the face.

The risk associated with a sharp needle is much more than the microcannula. When someone penetrates the sharp needle inside the blood vessel and shoots the filler, the vascular occlusion increases. This can easily result in severe complications. Again it is vital to set a specific standard to ensure the safety and security of the person and acknowledge them about different forms of needles.

Moreover, a cannula requires a modest number as it has the capability of going under the skin. The treatment is less painful in comparison to the sharp-tipped needle. These are points that make a comparison between the two types of needles.