Cheongsam – Amazing Elements about Chinese dress

Where do you want to wear a cheongsam dress? Is it a wedding or a tea ceremony? What exactly is the occasion where you want to flaunt cheongsam dresses. It’s the traditional Chinese dress that women wear at a particular location. 

A long time back, women wore it on a regular basis casually. There are various elements at when it comes to cheongsam dress. 

It will definitely be something good to create in yourself and stay valuable to your style. So don’t be afraid to read out those elements and pick out one for you. 

These elements will help you to make a perfect choice in the dress. In addition, the guide given below will also provide you with the places where you can find them relatively.

  • Material

The primary element of the cheongsam dress is material. There are different materials used for making the beautiful dress. The traditional attire was made with silk fabric and decorated with embroidery on the top. 

The other options in the material for the dress include velvet, cotton, lace, and more. A few of the designs of the dresses are believed to bring good luck to people especially worn at their wedding for a harmonious marriage.

  • Color

The second element is color. There is a wide range of colors available in cheongsam dresses. Undoubtedly, Chinese wedding dress colors matter a lot. The most common use color for Chinese weddings is red. The Chinese culture brings good luck, joy, and happiness to a woman and a happy couple. 

That is the reason why people wear red on the Chinese New Year. In addition, bridal wearing the red dress means the good fortune, so it’s a great way to use the different colors around the colors of the dress to give the additional color to modern clothing.

  • Collar

The collar is the third element of the cheongsam dress. This one is an iconic part of every cheongsam dress. The collar decides the appearance of the overall dress. The collar gets popularised a long time back, and it is still ruling in today’s Dynasty. 

This was a fantastic option for the gown used in the 17th century. The noticeable fact of using a collar in the dresses is it does not let that dress fold and makes the collar upright. The coupling of the dress is 5 cm in height, around 3–4 cm.

  • Knots

The next element is knotted. To name the traditional buttons of China is pankou. These are the knots that are used at the front of the dress to make the appearance fabulous. These are commonly known as frog fasteners. 

This comes in many flower designs and animals and is specially made of silk to give the best experience to women. To let the button hold the shape, it is made of copper. People can use these knots exactly they want by keeping the dress as the simplest version.

  • Diagonal Top

The last element of the cheongsam dress is the sloping top. The front part of the traditional dress includes the diagonal-shaped chest area. Again, it is closed with the notes. The diagonal cut of the dress starts from the base of the collar and goes to the right armpit. 

There are a few of variations in the design of the diagonal top, for example, straight diagonal, double-sided diagonals, and even it goes all down to the waist.

  • Slits 

Another perfect option is the cheongsam dress slits. It looks classy and allows the body the best movement in the room. 

The selection of the slits can be made according to a person’s preference. There are many such as side slit, double slit, slit at the back, and more.

Where to Purchase –

  • Shop Internationally

The first way to shop for cheongsam dresses is international. Hong Kong and Shanghai are global shopping places to get your hands on the beautiful cheongsam dress. If you are planning to travel internationally, then get a Chinese wedding dress. 

There are many luxury Chinese fashion brands with gorgeous collections available at the place. There is also the casual wearing of the dresses, and people can go for custom cheongsam designs after providing their sizes to the tailor.

  • Local Chinatowns

The next stop for people to buy cheongsam dresses in local Chinatowns. You will definitely be lucky if you get the opportunity in life to be in the big city to the trip to the local Chinatown to watch cheongsam dresses in person. 

There are unique shops that carry traditional Chinese dresses. These shops are available in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and more. The shops will have a perfect collection that is right for you in different styles and sizes.

  • Cozyladywear 

The next one is cosyladywear in the online shop. This place has beautiful dress styles with excellent prices. People can definitely get a beautiful piece of dress within budget without sacrificing the quality. The style and purchase are fabulous. 

The noticeable fact is people receive free shipping, and the delivery is made within 25–40 days. Do not forget to plan to purchase a beautiful dress on this site. The reviews are also there to check and make yourself clear.

  • Aliexpress

The last method to purchase the dress cheongsam is aliexpress. It is one of the famous platforms if you want to purchase a cheongsam dress on a budget. There will be no compromise even in the quality of the products, and as a customer, you can go for custom sizing of the product. 

Along with the cheongsam dresses, you will find interesting accessories for the Chinese wedding. These shops are non-approved, but you can check out the approved shops. Unfortunately, the shipping time of this platform and return policy is limited.

Final Words 

Getting a cheongsam dress is not going to be easy. After all, it’s the dress where there are many options in styles, designs, and fabrics. But the perfect guidance given above will help you make the ideal choice and cheongsam dress. Besides that, it has certain places to rely on buying one.