best tours and tickets to Stonehenge

If you are planning a stonehenge, windsor castle and bath tour, then there are several companies that offer this tour. But which one should you choose? Here’s what we know about the various options available in London and how they compare. 

There are two basic types of tours offered at Stonehenge; day tours and extended tours. Day tours generally last between nine and twelve hours and include a coach ride to Stonehenge as well as a short walk around the site. They typically cost £70-£90 (depending on how much time you spend at the site) and are usually for groups of up to ten people. The advantage of these tours is that you can visit the site at your own pace, with plenty of breaks along the way. It also lets you explore more of the surrounding countryside. 

Extended tours are longer than day trips and usually take around three or four days. You will probably need to book them at least one week before your trip, so you don’t get caught out by bad weather. These tours take place over a number of days and include visits to other sites nearby, such as Avebury and Salisbury Plain. The cost varies depending on the length of the tour and the number of people traveling with you. For example, if you go with just one person it would cost £500 per day. If you go with two or three people it may be less expensive. There are no set prices but most companies quote an average price per person. 

The main disadvantage of the day tour option is that it only allows you to see a small part of Stonehenge. The extended tours allow you to see all four sides of the monument, plus some of the burial chamber inside. That means you can learn more about its history. You could also consider a combination of the two. For example, you might do the day tour first and then spend the night at a hotel near Stonehenge so that you have more opportunity to explore the rest of the area. 

You can find all kinds of Stonehenge tours through private travel agents, online travel agencies and even directly through companies like EasyJet. We have listed some of the best companies below. 

  1. A Guide To Stonehenge Tours UK 

This company offers a range of different tours, including the standard day tour, the full extended tour and the “best value” package. It has a reputation for offering great service and attention to detail. However, its website lacks a lot of information. This makes it harder to make a decision when choosing a tour. There are no reviews either. So if you want to know whether this company is any good simply ask for advice from friends and colleagues who have already used their services. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours UK 

This company is based in England and offers both day and extended tours. Like many other tour operators, it uses a combination of coaches and minivans to transport visitors throughout the region. The vehicles are clean and comfortable, though they do not come with air conditioning and they aren’t always heated. In addition, they usually run on diesel fuel rather than alternative fuels. There is a small fee to pay for the use of the vehicle, though most companies charge around £20 per day. 

  1. Stonehenge Tour Company 

This company was founded by two Brits and specializes in day tours. Its tours start in London or nearby and are available every day except Christmas Day. The tours are designed for families and children under eight years old. They also offer special packages for couples and singles. This is a reliable operator that provides excellent customer service. 

  1. English Heritage 

English Heritage is responsible for the upkeep of many historic monuments around the country. This includes Stonehenge. The organization runs a large network of guided tours that include the famous site. They offer a wide variety of tours ranging from the standard day tour to the full extended tour. The cost is similar to that of other companies, but the tours offered are somewhat smaller. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours Ltd 

This company was founded in 1991 and operates in London and throughout the United Kingdom. It offers a mix of day and extended tours, as well as a few variations on those themes. The tours are priced according to the number of people traveling together. For example, a tour for two people costs £100 and a three-person group costs £125. The tours are also a little cheaper when booked in advance. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours U.K. 

This company offers day and extended tours and is located in Oxfordshire, England. It doesn’t offer much information on its website, but you can call their offices directly for more details. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours USA 

This company offers day and extended tours of Stonehenge. They also provide information on the monument and its history. It’s worth noting that most day tours are booked via a third-party agency. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours Europe 

This company was started in 2007 and specializes in day and extended tours of the monument. It’s based in Paris, France. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours Worldwide 

This company offers day and extended tours of the monument in the United States as well as Britain. It’s based in Los Angeles, California. 

  1. Stonehenge Tours Australia 

This company offers day and extended tours of the monument located in Sydney, Australia. It’s based in Melbourne, Victoria. 

These are just some of the many companies that offer Stonehenge tours. If you plan on visiting Stonehenge for yourself, then you will need to decide on the type of tour that is right for you. That said, each tour option has its advantages and disadvantages. Most companies offer a mix of day and extended tours. You can choose to visit during the day or at night. Some companies offer the latter option. Others do not. You can also choose to visit the monument alone or with others. Many companies will let you choose how many people are traveling with you. And some companies will even let you stay overnight after your tour. 

When deciding which tour to choose, you need to keep in mind how long you plan on spending at Stonehenge and your budget. You will also need to think about what you hope to gain from the tour. Are you interested in learning more about the monument? Do you want to see as much of the surrounding countryside as possible? Or perhaps you just want a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Whichever tour you select, remember that the monument is a significant cultural landmark. Make sure that your tour reflects that fact.