Authenticate Your Gucci Bag Before Purchase

Having a fancy bag to show has been a show only for the rich. Often enough, we have also been scammed into the process of getting the rich good stuff. But this doesn’t stop us from getting them regardless. It only makes us want to be more careful while buying them.

So, how careful can we get while buying a good Gucci bag? The Gucci India company has given a few steps to carry out to authenticate your bag as the best quality original Gucci product. Here is what they have to say.

What Is Authentication Of Gucci?

Authentication is the process of making sure you have the right product in hand. Though it may have a Gucci symbol and be made of pure leather, this does not assure you of the quality. The quality cannot be decided by just the external features of the bag alone. 

How To Authenticate Them The Right Way?

Before we move on to the question, we must ensure something. The steps provided here are not only for Gucci India products but any Gucci selling showrooms across the world. Whichever corner of the world you are in, you must save yourself from fraudulent activities.

The first step has three key points. The tag, the serial number, the font. All Gucci bags come with a tag at the internal zip. On one side would be the product’s serial number, while on the other side, it should have an R enclosed in a circle. Gucci is written right below it and ‘made in Italy below Gucci. Everyone is familiar with the font of Gucci, so ensure it is the right one.

Also, if the bag is the latest model, then they are attached with a QR code as well. Scan the QR code to ensure product safety.

Second and third is ensuring the craftsmanship and quality of the product. The entire thing is related to quality, but here we ensure the stitching is perfect. If you find any loose strands of threads sticking out on either side, then that is probably not Gucci at all. Also, their excellent craftsmanship is noticeable from miles away as well.

The hardware of the product is an important checkpoint. Though the designs may vary across the products, one constant thing is the quality. They are heavy and are not prone to scratches. This is step four.

The final step is checking for an authenticity card. Yes. Gucci has its authenticity card or known as controllato card. But the loss of this does not mean the bag is not authentic, as different stores have their way of showing authenticity. But the presence of the card does not mean it is authentic either. How hard is it to duplicate a card when they can duplicate the entire product?

Why Authenticate?

To ensure you are getting the right product. Gucci is a famous luxurious brand all over the globe. Many can duplicate the product as it is and sell them for the original price. Buying a duplicate product for its original price can be quite heartbreaking, especially when it is Gucci.