AR-15 Lube Means to Clean The AR-15 In Best Way

It is best practice and super vital to regularly clean AR-15. As a result, it not only allows to end with a clean rifle but can look in the process for all the parts, and lubrication can be added to keep it functioning at the game’s top. However, the problem is there are several AR-15 relevant lube out in the market. Resulting in difficulty to know rifle which works best. Even the tiniest friction spot requires lubrication in case wants reliability at maximum level. So, it becomes vital to go for AR-15 lube.

Amount to lube

  • To over lube a gun, it’s just impossible. As long as ammo and mags are good, then all malfunctions approx 98% are related to friction in one way or another. FTFs and FTEs are symptoms indicating too much friction in most cases.
  • To lube, it is extremely difficult with grease for another reason. As the gun pushes out all it fails to need when reassemble. So, just wipe it off and in the bottle, put it back. A dozen times, dry cycle, and any further excess just wipe off and resulting good to go.
  • In the space mainly inside the gun stay, put the excess remaining and enhance significantly the sealed grease effect, which keeps parts moving reliably, smooth and fast.
  • Thus, it can be said that the gun fail to push out a grease bunch while resembling and failed to put enough on. In case, it does not feel like such as snot on the glass when cycling the spot is missed.

Lube on specific areas

  • Bolt Carrier- The 4 sides and rails be fully coated with the gas key if there is a presence of rub wear. Lube heavily along with oils for max Reliable as wetter the better mainly up to the point in which lube might get into the mag, which doesn’t require.
  • Extractor- On the claw face, nothing might contact the casing. It is debatable for lubing the pivot point while requiring disassembly for applying grease. 
  • Cam Channel and Cam Pin- The entire channel and the cam pin’s upper half be slathered. This is a tremendous and unrecognized area of mechanical and friction disadvantage when the cam mainly goes to cam over the shoulders of the cam. Also, it has gasses pumped of 700F-1500F into it, which is friction contaminant fully, which directly from the gas tube-like BCG pulls back and creating a tacky abrasive right mainly on those cam pin and can shoulders.
  • Upper- On the upper, 4 opposite mating surfaces be coated where BCG rides comprising the entire upper length for ensuring sufficient lube, and also no dry contact surface and for helping along with sealant effect.
  • Bolt tail and gas rings- Do not lube, just leave dry as the under the pressure the gas is direct and for any lube far too hot for enduring long enough for the matter. The friction surfaces fail to be large enough to be significant in the friction surfaces’ total amount. 

Best lube for usage

For AR-15, there isn’t any best lube out there, but there are several grey options for consideration. Always go for the best value, along with lots of feedback in a positive manner. However, it is better off along a dedicated lubricant in the long run.


It can be concluded that learning-related guns examine mainly in terms of friction surfaces becomes vital. Guns reveal nearly all reliability and operational secrets when it is a habit. It tells exactly where the AR-15 lube is used and gets to know about new guns too.