7 Reasons Why You Must Include Rowing Machine In Your Workout

Rowing machines can be amazingly beneficial for your whole body. Working out on rowing machine can target more than 85% of muscles in your body. Home with workout will never go waste if rowing machines are correctly used. No doubt, more and more people are getting versed with this machine and including it in their fitness regime. Hydrow Rowers are one such rower machines that aims to provide you an effective fitness routine while enjoying comfort of your room. Here are 7 reasons to make you clear about this Hydrow review and let you convince why to purchase a rowing machine –

Focus on all the major muscle groups of your body

Unlike what’s normally believed that rowing machine works on just arms, it actually works to focus on your whole body.  With a good session on a rowing machine, you will be able to improve all your muscle groups like leg muscles, hand muscles, glutes, your back and even your core.

Can be great for weight loss

Rowing machine is known for its surprising effectiveness in letting you burn calories that will help you in your weight loss goals. A person who has weight of around 180lb will be able to burn 200 calories in just a short rowing session of half an hour with just mild efforts. Even around 500 calories can be lost by having an hard session.

Rowing machines are good for all

One reason why rowing machines are getting more and more common between people is it’s wonderful versatility. A person of any fitness level can use rowing machine. Whether he is an athlete or just a novice, he will be able to properly use the machine. There’s even an option to change resistance on Hydrow machines to make it suitable for even senior citizens.

It makes changing your workout easy according to your need

You may enjoy a super adaptive workout using rowing machines. Whether you are looking for a long hard intensity session or just a mild workout, you may practice everything using rowing machines because the machine respond according to the intensity of your push and pull. You may indulge in short spurts with maximum efforts or try to make 18-20 strokes per minute for a long run exercise.

Rowing machines can provide you quicker results

Working out on rowing machine will make you get results you were hoping for quickly. While it may look easy, exercising on rowing machine is actually a bit challenging and you may need to run your entire body to do it correctly. While it may seem less appealing than working out on treadmills or bikes, you will be able to notice better results by working out on a rowing machine.  You don’t need to exercise for long hours for getting that result. Even a 15 minute exercise with not any major interval can give you the desired results in time.

Rowing machine is good for your bone health

Rowing machine is the ultimate low impact exercise. While it may not be as simple as other such exercises and requires some good efforts, you are still not required to do any jumping or running. By having a slow progress in terms of speed, power and endurance, rowing is actually goof for your bone density. Without causing any significant cartilage stress, rowing machines are proved advantageous for bone health.

Rowing can prove to be a mental exercise

Yeah, you heard it right. Rowing may prove good for your mental health too. As you are making strokes while rowing, the calmness of that moment and a sudden rhythm that is produced by that stroke can relax your mind. By rowing on a constant slow pace, you can let your mind go on a meditative stage. It’s mental benefits are similar as that of a pleasant walk.