Nine White Cops Killed in 11 Days By White Men: Where Was The Media Coverage?


Source: Urban Intellectuals

The media continues to show us their agenda. We saw an astronomical number of black men killed on film by police for seemingly existing. The media lead us to believe the victims’ appearance or background justified their lives being taken. This lead to an eruption of protests in many major cities throughout the United States. One tragic evening at a protest in Dallas a sniper killed several officers and the media quickly blamed Black Lives Matter. No apologies were issued when it was discovered that the shooter had absolutely no affiliation with BLM.

The media was silent about 45 year-old Larry Darnell Gordon, a White man, who murdered two white police officers while attempting to escape police custody. Instead, they chose to focus on villainizing BLM protesters. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the minimal coverage we have seen about the nine white police officers killed by white men within 11 days, that’s almost one death per day.

These were senseless killings that received little to no coverage. One officer was killed after responding to a domestic violence dispute, his partner was shot as well but survived. Another officer was shot and killed after someone called the police on their neighbor who threaten to shoot him and a friend. While approaching the home the person who threatened their neighbor shot at the officers killing one. Three teens stole a car, then later struck and killed an officer with the stolen vehicle. These are just of few of the senseless encounters that took the lives of nine cops. How much have you heard about incidents?

In an article in The New York Daily News, Shaun King explained that “71% of police who’ve been shot and killed so far in 2016 have been killed by good old-fashioned White men.” Although this is a fact we rarely hear about any of these deaths on the news. Instead we hear this made up term, “black-on-black crime” exploited almost daily and rarely speak on white-on-white crime or high percentage of white officers that are killed by white men.

Let’s stop believing this false reality the media continues to feed us and realize there are good and bad people in the world and they come in many different races, ethnicities, and religions.

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