Police Fatally Shoot Woman After She Ran Into An Officer


A 22 year-old Temple University student was shot dead by Miami Beach, Florida police after authorities say she slammed her car into an officer Sunday night.

Hithon was driving a black BMW when she crashed into two other vehicles, reported The Miami Herald.

Police Chief Daniel Oates said the incident started at about 6:15 p.m., when a woman driving a black BMW westbound on 12th Street hit a Mercedes with two men inside at Collins Avenue after running a red light. An officer who was nearby on foot because he was part of additional patrols for the weekend tried to get her to stop, but she accelerated and hit him, throwing him off his feet, Oates said.

Another officer then opened fire. The driver lost control and then struck a parked white SUV on the east corner of 12th Street and Washington Avenue.

Police then fired several shots into Hithon’s car, killing her.

“It’s hard to express the amount of pain and distress that we feel,” Hithon’s father, Cary Hithon, told the news station. “I can’t explain why she wouldn’t have listened.

The injured officer, identified as David Cajuso, was hospitalized and released.

“Our officer who was injured, we know he lost consciousness at the scene for a period of time,” Oates said. “He is now at the hospital. He is stable and alert but he is being treated for his head injury and undetermined-at-this-time internal injuries.

The shooting remains under investigation, and officers have yet to release the name of the officer who shot the car and the woman.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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