NJ Police Officer Indicted For Beating Teen

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A Carteret, New Jersey police officer was indicted Sept. 28 for assaulting and causing significant bodily injury to a teenager during an arrest where the officer did not turn on his body camera.

Carteret Police Officer Joseph Reiman, 31, was charged with 1 count of aggravated assault in the third degree and 3 counts of official misconduct in the second degree for assaulting the teenager, failing to
activate his body-worn camera, and failing to use reasonable discretion or restraint in the amount of force used to apprehend the teenager, Middlesex County prosecutors announced last week, reported Woodbridge Patch.

Officer Reiman is also the brother of Carteret Mayor Dan Reiman, who urged the public not to make a scapegoat of his brother in a June Facebook Post.

The investigation determined that on May 31, while on official duty and in a patrol car, Officer Reiman was pursuing a teenage driver, who then crashed his car into a utility pole guide wire; the airbags deployed. The teen is 16 and under the legal driving age in New Jersey. After the teenager exited his vehicle, Officer Reiman, while on top of the teen, punched the teen several times with a closed fist, Middlesex County prosecutors says.

Following the accident and assault, an ambulance was not called to the scene. Instead, the teenager was placed in a patrol car.

The boy’s family said he was a victim of police brutality. Reiman was placed on restrictive duty after his arrest.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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