‘I don’t see people dying’: Fox Reporter Supports Trump As Puerto Ricans Are Dying


Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera spoke with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Sunday after President Donald Trump attacked her on Twitter for complaining about his weak response after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island. Trump did little to help and refused to allow other countries to help.

Rather than help the hurricane victims, Trump attacked Cruz in a series of tweets over the weekend after she pleaded for him to “save us from dying.”

When Texas and Florida needed help, they got help–some from government and a lot from people from other areas who were able to go help, but when Puerto Rico needs help, they have to fend for themselves and he says they have poor leadership. Other U.S. citizens are not able to drive to Puerto Rico to help, so they naturally need more help from government, unfortunately, Trump is not able to realize that.

“Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan,” he tweeted angrily.

On Sunday, Rivera seemed to take Trump’s side during an interview with the mayor, reported Raw Story.

“There are all people at all municipalities literally starving, dehydrating,” the mayor told Rivera. “We have had our hospital try to go back to speed but then the electricity goes off and we have to do all the bacteria testing, which takes three to four days.”

“But are people dying?” Rivera interrupted. “I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.”

“Dying is a continuum,” Cruz had to explain to the uninformed reporter. “If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people — like we took out of a nursing home — severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

Watch the interview below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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