‘Why aren’t you with your own f***ing breed?’: Woman’s Racist Rant Caught On Video

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A woman’s infantile, vulgar, racist rant directed at a taxi driver and another person were caught on video Monday.

Raw Story reported the driver — who lives and works in the East Midland city of Leicester — filmed the woman’s lunchtime tantrum, where she told the man and a passerby they should stay with their “own f*cking breed.”

The angry woman repeatedly called the driver a “dirty ni**er” and said, “You are lucky you’re in our country.”

“Why is that, then?” the driver asked.

“Because you shouldn’t be in here why aren’t you in your own… with your own f*cking breed?” she demanded.

She went on to accuse them of causing trouble because she believes they are from a different country.

When the cameraman laughs at her ridiculousness, she gets mad and says, “I’m not laughing! I ain’t laughing!”

A passerby then becomes involved and the woman became extremely agitated, hurling epithets and racist slurs. She has not been identified but Leicester police are investigating the incident.

Watch the video, embedded below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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