‘Whites Only’ Stickers Falsely Attributed To #BLM Appear At St. Louis Restaurants

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St. Louis restaurant owners were upset when “Whites Only” stickers with the hashtag #BLM began appearing at their businesses. It turns out that BLM had nothing to do with it. A group of young white males was caught on security cameras doing the deed to try to cause problems for BLM.

The Grove district in St. Louis is a diverse area and home to a large number of bars and restaurants. On Tuesday night, someone placed stickers that read “Whites Only” on businesses in the area, upsetting both owners and patrons. In the corner of the stickers was the hashtag #BLM, often used by the Black Lives Matter movement, reported The Root.

The idiots that committed the act while trying to frame a movement apparently did not realize that most businesses have cameras in this age. When police examined the footage, they realized the stickers were placed by a group of white males.

The video, obtained by television station KMOV, shows a group of Caucasian males placing the stickers on doors and windows in the area.

The Grove contains businesses owned by people of a variety of nationalities and races, which makes the sticker placement even more strange.

Police are allegedly looking into the matter.

Watch the video below showing white males putting up the stickers:
(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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