Video Shows Timothy Davis Being Carried Into Jail, Unconscious, In His Underwear After Cops Viciously Beat And Stripped Him.

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Columbus, Ohio cops have held true to their tradition of brutality and unethical tactics in the case of Timothy Davis.

Davis’s mother believes video released by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday proves her son was so badly beaten by Columbus Police that he was unconscious and couldn’t even walk.

Davis’ case gained national attention after cell phone video showed him being stripped and viciously attacked by a gang of cops on September 1st:

The jail video, provided by NBC4i,  shows Davis being carried into the Franklin County Jail by law-enforcement by his hands and feet. In the video, Davis has been stripped of his clothes with only his boxers partially on.

Davis’ mother, Valerie Johnson, was clearly upset after seeing the video which shows police treating her son like an animal.

“I wouldn’t even, that’s like an animal, this is like an animal. This is not like my son. This is not a human being,” said Johnson.

“He was so badly beaten that my child couldn’t even walk. Look at this video. My son naked, my son carried in face down. My son was unconscious. My son told me when he woke up he was laying in there naked in the cell,” said Johnson.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office told NBC4 it was working to get answers about why Davis was carried into the jail to be booked. Columbus Police did not respond to NBC4i’s inquiry about the new video.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office alleges Davis was never denied medical care. He spent three days in the hospital after the brutal beating by police, and has been seen multiple times by jail medical staff since he was booked on September 1st.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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