Trump Just Skipped Town Without Signing The Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill


Source: Occupy Democrats

As a hurricane larger than the state of Ohio relentlessly barrels towards the continental United States, President Trump has decided this would be a good time to take another vacation.

The President flew to Camp David this afternoon for a little R&R, inviting his cabinet and their spouses along.

In his haste to get away, Trump forgot the one big piece of business he needed to attend to: sign the bipartisan Hurricane Harvey relief bill that allocates a desperately needed $15.25 billion for recovery efforts, according to Christina Wilkie at HuffPost.

As Wilkie notes, perhaps he’s just waiting so he can arrange one of his beloved big Presidential Photo Ops.

But we’re sure that the 450,000 people who are expected to ask for disaster assistance from FEMA would rather that he sign the bill as quickly as possible so they can begin piecing their shattered lives back together.

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