Trump Judicial Nominee Defends ‘Conversion Therapy’, Says Transgender Kids Are Part Of ‘Satan’s Plan’

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Trump’s Federal judicial nominee is a religious extremist that claims gay marriage leads to polygamy and bestiality, and that transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan.”

Jeff Mateer, Trump’s nominee to be a District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman division, rejects the separation of church and state according to Michael Stone of Patheos.

Mateer also supports the discredited practice of gay conversion therapy, claims gay marriage leads to polygamy and bestiality, and believes that transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan,” according to CNN.

During his campaign, Trump claimed he supported gay and transgender rights. Unfortunately, since his election, he has shown his true colors as a liar. He now does not support their restroom rights and has banned transgender people from military. He also has nominated this notoriously anti-gay and anti-transgender potential district judge.

In a May 2015 speech, titled “The Church and Homosexuality,” Trump’s judicial nominee say’s that transgender children are proof that ‘Satan’s plan’ is working.

In Colorado, a public school has been sued because a first grader and I forget the sex, she’s a girl who thinks she’s a boy or a boy who thinks she’s a girl, it’s probably that, a boy who thinks she’s a girl. And the school said, ‘Well, she’s not using the girl’s restroom.’ And so she has now sued to have a right to go in. Now, I submit to you, a parent of three children who are now young adults, a first grader really knows what their sexual identity? I mean it just really shows you how Satan’s plan is working and the destruction that’s going on.

In the same speech, Mateer opposed equal marriage rights and condemned the Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage, calling marriage equality “disgusting”, according to CNN:

I submit to you that there’ll be no line there. And actually in the arguments Chief Justice Roberts, who’s in the center there said, I mean, what is the limiting? Why couldn’t 4 people wanna get married? Why not one man and three women? Or three women and one man? And we’re gonna spare you some of those slides. We actually have a presentation that we get into it. And I’ll tell you, we say it’s PG-13, it may be R, or what do they call the next one? NC-17 or whatever?

I mean, it’s disgusting. I’ve learned words I didn’t know. I mean, other than…my assistants here, have you ever heard the word ‘throuple’?’ Throuple’ so that’s three people coming together of different sexes, maybe mixed sexes. Them coming together. There are people who marry themselves. Somebody wanted to marry a tree. People marrying their pets. It’s just like — you know, you read the New Testament and you read about all the things and you think, ‘Oh, that’s not going on in our community.’ Oh yes it is. We’re back to that time where debauchery rules.

Mateer and continues to support the widely discredited gay conversion therapy.

Biblical counselors and therapists, we’ve seen cases in New Jersey and in California where folks have gotten in trouble because they gave biblical counseling and, you know, the issue is always, it’s same sex. And if you’re giving conversion therapy, that’s been outlawed in at least two states and then in some local areas. So they’re invading that area.

The Hill noted that Mateer’s 2015 statements were made at a conference organized by pastor Kevin Swanson, a religious leader who has argued that the biblical punishment for homosexuality is death.

Currently Mateer is the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas, but before that job, Mateer spent years with the prominent, religious-right, anti-LGBT litigation group First Liberty Legal.

Mateer served as general counsel and executive vice president of First Liberty, which describes itself as “the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to protecting religious liberty for all Americans.”

Of course when they say “religious liberty for all Americans,” what they actually mean is conservative Christian beliefs should be protected, but no others.

Jeff Mateer is unfit to be a District judge, or any judge for that matter. He is is a dangerous religious extremist who rejects the separation of church and state, supports gay conversion therapy, claims gay marriage leads to bestiality, and believes that transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan.”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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