Trump Can End Anthem Protests By Stopping Police Brutality Rather Than Supporting It

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President Trump is so far gone, he doesn’t even realize it would be easy for him to stop the anthem protests and improve America at the same time. Instead of taking a positive approach and doing something to stop police brutality, the original cause of protests, he has chosen the inflammatory approach of name calling and threats that one would expect to see from a school yard bully.

Of course, rather than try to stop police brutality, he has actually previously supported it and encouraged MORE police brutality.

The president’s duties require more than shouting one side and calling it a done day. He needs to administer solutions to thorny, complex situations – staffers deal with the simpler issues. Donald said zero this weekend about how to help Puerto Rico, but maybe he feels the protest itself is one of the greatest issues facing the nation, reported Josh Bakan of Sports And.

Bakan believes Trump is trying to divide and distract so people do not focus on his failures.

Donald chose the divisive route because every time he creates a simplistic culture war, we spend less time talking about how he thinks health insurance works like life insurance or that he’s proven no more than a cable-news knowledge of governance. Donald is not the CEO of this country, and he cannot fire private citizens or force them to agree with him. Solving a nation’s woes involves more complex solutions than running your company with autonomy, and governance has exposed his lack of problem-solving skills.

Strong words from the president against their players forces NFL owners to show their hand and participate in the discussion. Owners must put out statements that are bound to piss off Donald’s base unless they say “yeah, we’re going to fire everyone who sits during the anthem.” Putting out no statement means fans on both sides will consider you spineless.

It also creates infighting among every fan base because no response will please everyone, as was the case when Donald revoked Steph Curry’s invitation to the White House for the dissent that makes America great. Sparking culture wars makes for an appalling but effective election strategy. But if your strengths end there, governing will expose you.

It would actually be fairly simple to stop the protests. A great place to start is beginning the process of reducing police brutality. Besides immediately holding all officers accountable for their crimes, Bakan lists a few other things that could and should be implemented by federal and local governments:

  • Force police departments to administer training on implicit bias to all cops.

  • Require officers to undergo more than nine months of training. The average cosmetologist trains for 11 months.

  • All police must be tried by independent prosecutors to avoid a situation where a cop’s friend prosecutes a cop.

  • Congress must allow the CDC to study links between mental health and gun violence. Long-term, this would reduce the amount of police officers shot and improve police relations with communities.

  • Schools should teach where racism presently lies today, rather than treating the Civil Rights Act as a milestone for overcoming racism. Force students to discuss this frankly.

  • Force at least a hefty percentage of monetary settlements for police brutality to come out of police pension plans.

President Trump has already expressed his hatred for people who silently and peacefully protest, so it is unlikely he will push for any positive results. Instead, he will most likely just stick with his authoritarian, inflammatory approach which he became familiar with in his business career and his reality TV show where he fired people. This of course is no way to run a country.

Considering he told police to rough people up, refused to denounce violent white supremacists and pardoned the infamously racist Joe Arpaio, Trump is not likely to start taking a positive approach for the country now.

Trump simply wants to show his authority as a bully who is currently in power. He wants to push people around, not make the country better.

Stop the police brutality, make the country better and stronger, and people would stand again.  Continue to attack them and force them to give up their constitutional rights, and people will fight back.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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