Study: Pictures of Black People Anger ‘Not Racist’ Trump Supporters And Change Their Opinions

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A new study proves Trump supporters can be triggered by a simple photograph of a black person.

When an average Trump voter sees a black person, even in a photograph,, they could change all their political values, reported Vox.

A new study by political scientists at Colgate and the University of Minnesota proves they have racist tendencies. So no matter how much they claim not to be racist, the evidence is clear.

When researchers simply asked subjects how they felt about a not-so-complex housing-assistance issue, they were split on their support. But there was a subtle twist to the study: When the information about the issue was accompanied by a picture of a white person, Trump voters were much more likely to support it than when they were cued by an image of a black person, reported The Root.

The study revealed that when Trump voters were exposed to the “black cue,” it not only made them less supportive of the issue. It made them angry. It didn’t even take an actual person, just a simple picture of a black person made them angry.

Matthew Luttig, Christopher Frederico and Howard Lavine, the authors of the study, entitled “Supporters and Opponents of Donald Trump Respond Differently to Racial Cues: An Experimental Analysis,” wrote:

We find that white Trump supporters randomly exposed to a black (versus a white) man in the context of soliciting their support for a housing-assistance policy were more opposed to the policy, angrier about the policy, and more likely to blame beneficiaries for their situation.

The study controlled for socioeconomic status and education and found no statistical difference between white and black Hillary Clinton supporters when they were exposed to racial cues.

The study did not include black Trump supporters because there are so few that support the racist president.

The Root pointed out that some claim, “Just because they voted for Trump and hate seeing black people doesn’t mean they’re racist.” But numerous polls and studies have shown this before. There’s the 2016 poll showing that when white people were told that America’s white population would soon be eclipsed by nonwhites, they became more likely to support Donald Trump.

Of course there was also the study that linked whites’ perception of our need to get “tough on crime” to racial resentment. And that other research that linked the government’s need to fix structural inequality to racial resentment. Don’t forget the Pew Research Center’s data showing that most Republicans oppose Black Lives Matter.

Trump supporters can continue to deny it as long as they want, but facing their racism is the only way to overcome it. It has been proven, denying science does not make it false, it just means they reject facts in favor of alternative facts.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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