Osteen’s Megachurch Passes Collection Plate To Hurricane Victims


Source: Patheos

Joel Osteen’s megachurch asks hurricane victims to donate, claims “God is going to bless them” if they give.

Screwed once by the hurricane, victims of Hurricane Harvey are revictimized by Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

A recently released video shows Lisa Osteen, Joel’s sister and an associate pastor at the church, making the pitch for cash, sending ushers out into the large stadium/church to start passing around collection plates after first pointing out that many Hurricane Harvey victims are in attendance.

In the video Lisa Osteen declares:

All these people who stood tonight, they have needs, and financial needs, and you know, I just feel like we should pray for them that God is going to bless them with unprecedented favor in the next coming days and the next coming weeks and the next coming months because you know they have a lot of calls to make, they have a lot of work to get done, and their lives were so interrupted, but you know what we can trust God that it will go smoother than anyone could ever imagine.

In other words: “Trust God – give us money.” Rinse and repeat. The endless hustle in the name of Jesus goes on, and on, and on…

Earlier this week, public pressure forced Osteen to open his spacious 16,800-seat megachurch to hurricane refugees, after the infamous televangelist first closed his doors in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, leaving many perplexed as to why the church was not reaching out to help shelter those in need during the crisis.

However, the shameless prosperity gospel preacher tried to turn the negative publicity around by seeking donations to subsidize his efforts to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, asking for a minimum $50 donation after public pressure forced the televangelist to open his megachurch to hurricane refugees.

Bottom line: It should come as no surprise that Osteen is asking Hurricane Harvey victims for money. That is what this guy does. He hustles the vulnerable and the gullible, promising anyone that will listen that “God is going to bless them” if they only give him money.

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