Cleveland Mother Stabbed Boyfriend 6 Times After Finding Him Naked On Her 12 Year Old Daughter

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A Cleveland woman reportedly had a fit of righteous rage after she found her boyfriend laying naked on top of her 12 year old daughter.

Neither the mother nor the man has been charged yet in connection with the incident that happened in the city’s Stockyards neighborhood. However, police are looking into it as a potential rape case, reported

Around 2:30 am Tuesday, the unidentified woman ran outside screaming for help. She then called police saying that “her boyfriend tried touching her daughter and she stabbed him.”

The unidentified man was stabbed 5 times in his chest and once in the back of his head with a pocket knife and was treated at MetroHealth.

Their stories vary quite a bit:

The man claims his girlfriend may have attacked him out of jealousy because she thought her 12-year-old daughter may have had feelings for him, and then declined to offer any further details.

The woman told police that she was on her way to bed when she saw her boyfriend on top of the young girl, and “In a fit of rage, [she] grabbed her pocket knife and attacked him,” the police report indicates.

The 12-year-old told investigators that the man touched her under her clothing, removed her pants and took his clothes off as well. He then told her, “This is what it is like in the real world when you have a boyfriend,” before sexually assaulting her, officials say.

The report says the two adults struggled over the knife as they fought. The man grabbed the mother by her neck, threw her against the wall and later kicked down the front door after she pushed him outside.

The girl underwent a sexual assault examination at MetroHealth, the report notes, but the results have not been made public.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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