Police Murder Father Of A Daughter That Was Hit By A Cop Speeding On His Motorcycle


Source: Urban Intellectuals

It all comes down to one thing: kill or be killed. That is the mentality of police offers across the United States. No matter what the circumstances are, it always end with

“I’m a police officer and I felt threaten. I had no other choice than to kill him (or her).”

And for the most part, most of America think this is normal behavior!

Cops are innocent until proven guilty. And even when proven guilty, many are fired, sometimes retaining pension and other benefits, many are put behind the scenes taking them off beat but still working in the force and far too many avoid jail like regular people!

But how low down and sick do you have to be to hit a little girl while speeding on your motorcycle and then murder her father because he is upset?

Isn’t it human nature to be upset when you child unnecessarily gets hurt, this is parental instinct! Did the cop expect for this man to be cool with the fact that he took the skin off of this little girls face?

Instead of taking fault for what he did, he murdered an upset black father. Why? Because he felt threaten. Welcome to America, a place where you will be murdered for protected your children.

This heartbreaking video below gives more details to this crazy story and extremely sad story. A little girl no longer has a father for no legit reason.

What is this world coming to?

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