‘Gonna have to just start killing if I don’t get laid’: White Supremacist Plots Mass Shooting Due to Sexual Frustration

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If white fragility wasn’t harmful enough, pair it with male fragility and sexual frustration, and you have a potentially lethal combination.

Michael James Holt, a white supremacist from New South Australia, has admitted to stockpiling weapons and planning a mass shooting out of sexual frustration.

As reported by Raw Story:

Michael James Holt appeared Friday in an Australian court for a sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to a variety of firearms charges after police found his cache of homemade guns two years ago at his home, his grandfather’s home and a hotel, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

The 26-year-old later pleaded guilty to possessing and sharing child pornography after police found those images while investigating the shooting plot.

Prosecutors said the New South Australia man admitted to planning a mass shooting at a mall and also wanted to shoot teachers and students at a nearby school.

Holt admitted to an “infatuation” with neo-Nazi ideology and told a counselor that he believed Adolf Hitler was “the greatest person to live,” prosecutors told the sentencing judge.

Prosecutors presented more than 40 pages of text messages from Holt revealing his plan to shoot tourists and police, the newspaper reported — and he blamed his violent urges on his inability to find a willing sexual partner.

“Gonna have to just start killing people if I don’t get laid soon,” Holt said in one text message.

His defense attorneys are trying to excuse Holt’s behavior due to his autism- disclosing that as a result of his autism, Holt “had been obsessed with guns since he was 5 years old.”

The judge however, did not buy it, and as Holt plead guilty he was called out for his “deeply disturbing” obsessions and interests.

Sentencing for Holt will occur on Sept. 29.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Do you buy into the defense’s stance of Holt not being of the mental capacity to be responsible for his actions due to autism? Or do you think Holt was fully aware of his deplorable views and plotted these crimes with a sound understanding of what he was doing?

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(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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