A Federal Judge Ruled in Favor of Segregating an Alabama School District


Source: Urban Intellectuals

Alabama community of Gardendale returns to segregation written by: nichea The southern state of Alabama is not considered to be very inclusive and the reputation of the state worsened with a federal judge letting Alabama school district return to segregation according to the Washington Post. The mainly white community of Gardendale with 2250 students decided to separate from the Jefferson County school district with more than 33000 predominantly African American students. Officially the reason provided is that the parents of the Gardendale students are blaming the students from the school district for the inability to operate a muncipal system. Though the District court judge Madeline Haikala noted that Gardendale had some obvious racial motives, she was forced to allow the segregation due to practical considerations.

Lawyer U.W.Clemon who represented the African Americans denounced the decision, calling it regressive, which will adversely affect people. On the other hand, Chris Segroves, the head of Gardendale board of education hailed the segregation decision, claiming that it would help in developing a locally led public school system.

This decision should speak volumes. Black people learn to “go where you’re celebrated and not tolerated.” Our children can recieve quality education in their neighborhoods but you as a parent must be involved in your child’s education and administrative processes at the school. Parents have a voice, attend board meetings, get involved to ensure our children’s schools have same resources as others.

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