White Man Shoots At Police, They Shot Him With Bean Bags, Then Arrest Him Alive, But Unarmed Black People Are Killed


Source: Urban Intellectuals

Law enforcement is thought to be a dangerous job. Everyone seems to agree it is and understand cops just want to go home to their families at the end of the day.

However, Black Americans are consistently wondering why are they shot and killed by police officers, when unarmed, but armed, dangerous and psychopathic White people are routinely arrested and treated like humans by these same police officers? Just this past week Terrence Crutcher was executed after his car broke down. He was unarmed, peaceful and had his hands up!

Last month, a White man went on a rampage in Brea, California at a motel.

According to ABC 7,

“A suspect who shot at officers while being barricaded in a Brea motel for hours was taken into custody Monday evening, according to police.

Authorities said they responded to a call of a despondent man at the Hyland Motel in the 700 block of South Brea Boulevard at about 3 p.m.

When officers arrived at the scene, they said the man fired at them through the door.

After being barricaded for several hours with SWAT outside the motel, the man was eventually shot with bean bags and tackled by SWAT.


Apparently, police officers are capable of de-esculating and arresting suspects, even shooters, alive, but this only seems to apply to White people. Black people are routinely shot and killed in this country….even when they don’t have a weapon.

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