EXPOSED: ISIS Salaries Paid By US AND Saudi Arabia Leaked Online


Source: Neon Nettle

A unique document containing data revealing the real salaries ISIS terrorists are receiving has been published by Sputnik news.

The document was found by the Iraqi federal police in the western part of Mosul and confirms ISIS Terrorist’s were US-Saudi funded.

The exposed documents reveal the payments differ depending on the family status of each ISIS militant, which also factors in the number of children in the family. Single militants receive the lowest salary amounting to 72 dollars, or 95,000 Iraqi dinars.

Abu Jana, and ISIS militant who was born in 1991 and is married with three children received $184 in the past month, but another militant named Abu Nasser, born in 1962 who is also married with six children, received $256.

The ISIS salary document was found by the Iraqi federal police in the western part of Mosul.

Sputnik news reports: A local source in Mosul told Sputnik that a number of payments can fluctuate depending on the circumstances. In general, the wages of the militants grow proportionally with the number of their wives and children. At the same time, the salary usually doesn’t exceed 300 dollars.

The terrorist group also paid generous reimbursements to demobilised disabled people who suffered from the attacks of the international coalition, the source said.

At the same time, leaders of the terrorist group received not only their monthly payments but also the money from the sales of stolen property of ordinary citizens. The salaries of Daesh leaders are assumed to have been 500 dollars or higher, although this year they experienced certain financial problems as the international coalition bombed the banks where they received their money.

Last year, Sputnik published data on the salaries of militants in 2014, when they first took control over the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar. At that time, the salary of a foreign fighter was $1,300. He was also given a house, a car, a wife and fuel, which was a deficit among the local population. Salaries of local Daesh militants were about 600 dollars. Such high payments were related to the fact that the group controlled oil fields and illegally supplied crude oil to neighbouring countries.

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  1. Seems fitting that, according to Wikipedia, which surprisingly still posts this data, that al queida (?) was in fact created by the cia along with ‘other’ intel orgs during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan era. Look it up. Since then, al quieda has semi morphed into isis. Nothing like having a jihadist enemy at your beckon call to have on the books.

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