Entire Fields in California and Other States Are Rotting: Trump’s Immigrant Policy In Action

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As many people predicted, with the loss of so many migrant workers, fields of food are just sitting there, rotting, with no one to harvest them. Americans are not willing to do the hard work for the low pay and no benefits like immigrants did.

American farmers are now facing millions of dollars in lost crops due to a shortage of agricultural migrant workers, reported NBC4i.

In California, 9 out of 10 farm workers were not born in the U.S., with many of them coming from Mexico. But according to surprising numbers from the PEW Research Center, more Mexican immigrants are now leaving the U.S. than arriving.

Farmers old NBC News the labor shortage is so severe, they’ve had to leave entire fields of vegetables unharvested. In just two counties in California, that’s led to a loss of more than $13 million.

Non immigrants just are not willing to do the work for what the immigrants were being paid.

Now, farmers are paying well above minimum wage, offering 401K plans, paid time off, and other incentives to try to lure workers back to the fields. They are also calling on politicians to pass laws to allow guest visa programs during harvest times.

With the rotting food and higher wages and benefits, it is very likely we will see a rise in prices at the grocery store as well.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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