Israel Steals Solar Panels Donated To Palestinians, Netherlands Protests

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The Netherlands is furious and has lodged a complaint with the Israeli government after dozens of Dutch solar panels donated to a West Bank village were “confiscated” by Israeli authorities.

The solar panels were installed last year in remote Jubbet al-Dhib, a village home to 150 people in an area of the West Bank occupied by Israel., reported The Independent.

Israel used the same excuse they use when they destroy Palestinian houses and farms, even ones that have been there hundreds of years, they claimed the panels were not built with proper permits and permissions as they stole equipment belonging to the £307,000 humanitarian project last week.

Because Israel (formerly Palestine) is governed by extremely racist and prejudice people/policies, it is nearly impossible for Palestinians to get permits for anything.  They are simply the wrong race and/or religion.

The village mayor told Ma’an News the panels were destroyed, but Comet-ME, the aid organisation which installed the panels, said that between 60 and 90 were taken away intact and other equipment at the site destroyed and left behind by Israeli forces.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry asked for the stolen equipment to be returned to Jubbet al-Dhib and is considering what “next steps can be taken”, reported Haaretz.

The issue is causing outrage in the Dutch government and in the Palestinian territories.

Cogat, the Israeli military agency responsible for coordinating Israeli policy in Palestinian areas, said that several work-stop orders were issued before the day of the raid. Villagers maintain that they did not know the site had been targeted until Israel Defence Force (IDF) soldiers showed up, according to The Independent.

It is important to realize that Jubbet al-Dhib is very close to Israeli outpost villages, illegal settlements under both Israeli and international law, but they still have a full connection to the main power grid.

Cogat said in a statement that the village had “other electricity sources” other than the “illegal electricity room”. Haaretz reported the “other electricity sources” as a couple of “old and noisy” diesel generators they used to use for three hours of power a day.

More than 300 Palestinian structures in the occupied West Bank were demolished by the Israeli authorities in 2016 and were at least in part funded by the EU or international NGOs, an Israeli military official said earlier this year according to The Independent.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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