Dash Cam Video Released After Police Shoot and Kill Joshua Barre

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About a week after local Tulsa Law Enforcement Officers shot and killed Joshua Barre, a mentally ill man, the Dash Cam and Body Camera Videos were released.

The video shows the units responding from a distance and arriving nearly simultaneously and about 15 seconds later, taser deployment and then gunshots can be heard, reported PINAC.

The officers involved in the killing were Tulsa Police Officer Donnie Johnson, 32, and Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies Brandon Walker, 41, and William Ramsey, 49.

No clear video capturing the totality of the events has been released, but a total of six videos have been released. 2 show the events, and the other 4 only show car seats or just the view showing nothing.

The videos can be viewed below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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