Black Man Found NOT GUILTY BUT He’s Was Jailed For 10 Years Anyway!


Source: Urban Intellectuals

A Black man in Georgis will be in jail until 2022, even though he was found not guilty.

Ramad Chatman was on probation for breaking into an apartment and stealing a television in 2012. He paid his fines, did community service and never broke the terms of his probation.

Then in 2014, a store clerk was robbed at gunpoint. The security footage was too grainy to definitely identify the suspect but a year later, scrolling through Facebook, the clerk saw a picture of Chatman and testified in court that “it triggered something in me, it just made me freak out”.

So over a year later, finding out he was a suspect, Chatman turned himself into a police station knowing he was innocent.

He was arrested and during the trial, the clerk’s testimony constantly changed. A jury found Chatman not guilty of the robbery.

Despite this, the judge decided to jail him anyway, for 10 years, dating back to 2012!

This is a serious miscarriage of justice and we need to spread this and make sure someone who can help hears his story.

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