16-Year Old White Girl Text Nude Picture of Herself to 17-Year Old Black Boy He Sends One Back & Now He’s Being Charged with Child Pornography


Levar Allen is a 17-year-old standout three-sport student athlete at Parkway High School in south Bossier City, La.

An award-winning wrestler, football and basketball player, Levar is beloved at school and in the community. He’s never been in trouble with the law a day in his life — until now.

Levar did what millions of kids in America are doing — he exchanged naked text messages with a 16-year-old classmate.

First, she sent Levar a nude video and then he sent her one in return. Call it gross, but a recent study found that 54% of kids under the age of 18 have done so before.

Parents may hate it, but when it’s consensual, it’s definitely safer than in-person intercourse.

But Levar lives in the deep South. He’s black. And it appears his biggest mistake wasn’t doing what the majority of American teens have done. His biggest mistake was doing so with a white girl.

Her parents called the police when they discovered what was happening. Of course, they arrested Levar and he was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and possession of child pornography for the video he still had of her on his phone.

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  1. This happened to my son. The girl sent him one and her boyfriend got mad and told the school police after my son sent the picture to him showing how the girl wanted him. They took his phone and was going to charge him but the girl was going to be charged as well so the state dropped the case. The parents didn’t press charges because their daughter was going to be charged as well.
    Make sure she is being equally charged and see how fast it is dismissed.

  2. Of course its a guy..a BLACK guy. What did you expect?

  3. He need to sue the parents for bringing false charges against him. If the girl try to get him not to, he better go deaf because she didn’t stop her parents by telling the truth did she?!!

  4. I know she got arrested too right???? I know he didn’t put a gun to her head did he?

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