Video: Live Donkey Fed To Tigers At China Zoo


Disturbing video has surfaced of a zoo in China feeding a live donkey to tigers.  Apparently animal cruelty has no meaning at this zoo as it took about 30 minutes for the 3 tigers to kill the donkey after zoo workers force it into a moat with no hope of escape.

China has a long history of animal cruelty, over 10,000 cats and dogs are attacked, tortured, and skinned and burned alive during the 10-day-long annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, reported AnoNews.

In a brutal example of animal cruelty, Chinese zookeepers were filmed by horrified visitors pushing a live donkey into an enclosure filled with hungry tigers. After finding itself in the jaws of the ferocious predators, the terrified donkey attempts to escape, but it has nowhere to go and is soon dragged by the neck by one of the tigers, said Daily Mail.

It is then double-teamed by two of the tigers, believed to be kept at Yancheng Wild Animal World in the city of Changzhou in eastern China, both of which bite its head as it frantically splashes around in the muddy water.

The donkey is torn up and killed ruthlessly in less than 30 minutes. With the prey obviously dead, the camera cuts to four of the lions relaxing before showing the bloodied donkey being hauled onto land for consumption.

Local media reported that the zookeepers next tried to throw a sheep into the enclosure, but security arrived to put a stop to the live feeding.

The short video below has gone viral:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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