Trump Supporters Convinced ‘covfefe’ Is a Secret Arabic Message

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was ridiculed when he said there was a secret meaning to President Donald Trump’s infamous “covfefe” tweet — but some of Trump’s most hardcore fans believe he was sending them a secret message against terrorism.

Spicer said of covfefe, “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.”

Brad Reed of Raw Story reported Trump fans produced multiple posts asserting that Trump’s tweet was actually a covert message meant to express solidarity with the Afghani government in the wake of the terrorist attack in Kabul earlier this week.

Over the past day, the following ridiculous posts have popped up from ignorant Trump supporters that think they know so much about arabic…even though the arabic alphabet does not actually have the letter “c”.  The great part is the google translation of “I’ll stand up” is actually: سأقف  sa’aqif in Arabic, nothing like what these Trump minions believe.

Commenters on the posts were ecstatic at the purported revelation that their “God-Emperor” had sent them a coded message in a language he knows nothing about.

“26D chess!” exclaimed one. “He got everyone to cover the ‘covfefe scandal’ and once it is realized by the normies that he did actually mean something, they’ll be forced to cover that too! F*cking genius Trump!”

“So he wanted the media and the leftist retards to think he screwed up,” wrote another. “He let them go on and on and on, while we just had a blast with it. That Magnificent Mad Man.”

Another Trump supporter actually believes Trump’s tweet proved that Trump was working on converting Arabs to his cause.

“He’s redpilling them in their own language!”

Infamous Trump troll Cassandra Fairbanks also got into the game by using the supposed translation to troll Hillary Clinton.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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