Shooter In Weis Supermarket Murder-Suicide Shooting Spree Posted His Plan Online


Randy Stair has been identified as the supermarket employee who killed three co-workers before turning the gun on himself at a Weis grocery store in Tunkhannock, PA.

Stair, 24, posted an ominous tweet just hours before the incident which read,“Goodbye humans… I’ll miss you…,” before he packed a duffle bag with two pistol-grip shotguns and headed to Weis late Wednesday night, according to ABC 16.

During Stair’s rampage, 59 bullets were fired, and three co-workers were killed. Authorities identified the victims as Terry Sterling, 63, of South Montrose;  Victoria Brong, 25, of Factoryville; and Brian Hayes, 47, of Springville.

Stair’s social media posts are quite telling when it comes to his mindset. Many of his last posts spoke of suicide and even glorified the Columbine, CO high school rampage shooting. His YouTube account has videos that include him talking about the “underworld,” death and ghosts.

“I’m so ready to die. Two more fun nights and that’s it,” Stair wrote in an online journal. “I’ve officially accepted that Wednesday night will be the death of me. Everything around me seems to have faded away. It’s felt as if I’m the last soul alive on this planet for the last week. I see people but they feel like an illusion. I’ve never felt so distant from society… and I love it.”

Stair’s note said, “I’m a girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out. I don’t belong on this planet, nor have I ever. I need to die, and I’m taking whomever I can down with me.”

He went on about losing people close to him in the last few years, as well as financial problems.  Then he ended with, “I’m not just ending my life. I will be ending the lives of others as well.”

In his last YouTube video posted on Wednesday, he warned his followers that he was going to die:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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