NJ Police Officer Charged With Assault After Beating 16 Year Old

Police Brutality

A New Jersey police officer has been arrested for assaulting and causing injury to a teenager.

After repeatedly punching, kicking, and cuffing a 16 year old boy following a car crash at Edwin and Bergen Street last week, criminal charges were filed Friday against a Carteret police officer, according to ABC7.

The teen’s family posted pics of his injuries on social media and they now seek justice.

“I just wanted to get my son to the hospital as quick as possible,” said Russell Stewart, the boy’s father. “It looked like his jaw, head was broken.”

Stewart said, “He needed to be rushed to the hospital, and I was wondering why they didn’t do that at the scene,” Stewart said.

Stewart found his son, bloody with his eyes swollen shut, at the Carteret Police Department last Wednesday after the teen got into a car crash.

Stewart’s son was being pulled over by Officer Joseph Reiman, 31, just before the accident occurred.

When the boy crawled out of the car, Reiman beat the hell out of him, then put him in the back of a patrol car instead of calling for an ambulance like he should have done.

“I looked, he hopped out the car, he went on his knees, hands in the air, the cop just hopped out the car and started attacking him,” said Richard O’Neill, a witness.

Witnesses say the teen was screaming for help while other officers joined the assault.

“I’m hearing him screaming, ‘please I’m sorry, stop, somebody help me,'” O’Neill said.

“The conduct engaged in by this Officer Reiman far exceeded the force that was necessary to do anything, it’s our opinion that there was no force necessary,” said Eric Pennington, Stewart Family Attorney.

Reiman did not turn on his body camera, but the patrol car video captured most of what happened.

That video along with witness accounts is now a part of an ongoing investigation by the Middlesex Prosecutor’s Office who charges Reiman with assault and misconduct Friday.

“I’m happy that the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office conducted the investigation with integrity,” said Hassen Abdellah, Stewart Family Attorney.

“I just want justice for my son,” Stewart said. “I just want not to see things like this happen to anybody else’s kid.”

Reiman has been suspended without pay, and the teenager is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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