Muslim Residents Help Rebuild Christian Church That Was Destroyed By ISIS


During a two-year reign in Mosul, Iraq, ISIS jihadists destroyed dozens of buildings — including the Monastery of Mar Georges, a Christian church. After a siege in November resulted in the city being reclaimed, local residents got to work rebuilding the city.

When rumors were spread that Christian families were still being attacked within the city, a group of Young Muslims decided to rebuild the church so their neighbors in Mosul would have a safe place to worship. According to the This Is Christian Iraq Facebook page, their efforts resulted in the successful reconstruction of the house of worship.


The post reads,

“Young Muslim volunteers from that neighborhood headed to the Monastery of Mar Georges to clean it up and repair it and to show that ‘Mosul is yours as it’s ours’ and ‘our differences are our strength.”

By Amanda Froelich   From True Activist

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