Minnesota Police Chief Caught In Child Predator Sting

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The Walnut Grove Chief of Police, along with two other men were arrested Monday after responding to a fake Craigslist underage sex ad for ‘discreet fun’  put out by the Redwood County Sheriff office.

Michael Zeug, 45, was nabbed by the same County Sheriffs with which his precinct resides. The Department conducted an operation called ‘Gaurdian Angel’ aimed at underage sex trafficking and got some illicit feedback from the Police Chief, according to Pontiac Tribune.

Stephen Collins, A Redwood County Attorney said, “I never had anything that would lead me to believe that he was somebody that could do something like this, Mr. Zeug believed he was talking to a 17 year old. The thing that’s troubling, too, is not only that he would participate in this kind of activity, but that he would participate in this kind of activity essentially in his backyard”

The chief described himself as “just a hard working farming dude looking for discreet fun.” He also asked, “What is the oldest guy you have met up with and had sex with ha I’m sorry for all ?? Just curious,” according to KSTP.

Zeug reportedly asked the agent to send nude photos. He also asked what he thought was the 17-year-old girl to stand in front of the house and “flash her breasts” as he drove by so he could verify she was not a law enforcement officer.

Mayor Greg Hanson made a statement, but did not really say anything useful.

“He’s our only person in the office, so we have to see how we make Walnut Grove move forward, and how we get through this.”

We have to always be careful when dealing with police officers and blindly trusting them. Some are heroes, but some are also rapists, pedophiles, thieves, and murderers. To be safe, it is best to record encounters with police when possible. Remember, the bad ones often times “forget” to turn on their body cameras if they even have them.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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