Man Who Committed ‘Deviant’ Sex Acts With Vegetables Sentenced To Life In Prison


A Texas man with a history of deviant sex acts with vegetables and children’s clothing has been sentenced to life in prison on charges of tampering with evidence and drug possession.

Charles Robert Ransier, 56, was convicted by a jury after less than 30 minutes of deliberations on Wednesday, according to the Austin American Statesman.

Ransier has been convicted of felonies nine times previously, dating back to 1988. The most recent incident, however, took place in March 2015, the San Antonio Express-News reports. Police in Comal County, near San Antonio, discovered Ransier in his car with a syringe in his hand, no shirt and melted wax on his chest, according to the Express-News.

Police say Ransier was attempting to break the syringe and ignored an officer’s order to stop. A struggle ensued, and the officer eventually recovered the syringe, which tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the Dallas Morning News.

When police searched Ransier’s car, they found many strange items: baby oil, balloons, Barbie dolls, candy, children’s clothes, duct tape, Extenze “male-enhancement” pills, rope, Viagra and a cooler full of frozen cucumbers.

This is the third time Ransier has been caught and suspect of deviant acts with a vegetable. In 2014, police were called to a local baseball field, where Ransier was clothed in only women’s stockings, engaging in a sex act with a vegetable, the Statesman reports. In 2012, Raniser was found naked and admitted to engaging in a sex act with a squash.

Ransier also has prior convictions for manslaughter after he drove under the influence and killed an Arizona State Trooper in an accident, according to the Express-News.

A jury sentenced Ransier to life in prison for tampering with evidence and an additional 20 years for the drug possession.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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