Jewish Activists Protect Praying Muslims During Protest at Trump Tower

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Jews and Muslims unite at Trump Tower in New York with the Jewish people forming a protective barrier around the Muslims to allow them to pray without being harassed by ignorant, prejudice douche-bags.

Around 100 Muslim activists gathered at Donald Trump’s business headquarters and former home in Manhattan to break their fast on the sixth day of Ramadan., reported The Independent.

The protesters went there to have iftar, the first meal eaten after sunset when fasting, in protest of Trump’s bad policies (such as the unconstitutional Muslims bans) and his uneducated, prejudice rhetoric on Islam.

“Everyday American Muslims are confronted with bigotry and hate while commuting to work and school, applying for jobs, practicing their faith and simply living their lives,” Anu Joshi, deputy director of the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, told CNN.

Jewish activists, Muslims’ fellow followers of the Abrahamic traditions, showed that they are brothers of rather than enemies of Muslims as they formed a protective barrier around the Muslims while they prayed.

“Jews are forming a protective perimeter around our Muslim siblings as they prepare to pray. We keep each other safe,” tweeted the group Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.


After praying, the protesters shared a feast of rice, chicken and pizza.


Trump’s Muslim bans have been declared unconstitutional. Trump claims they are not “Muslim bans” despite his campaign promise for a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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