House GOP Candidate Says Working Class Citizens Should Be In Poverty



All eyes are on Georgia’s 6th Congressional District this month, with Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel gearing up to face off in the June 20 special election to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price upon his assumption of the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

On Tuesday night, Handel and Ossoff faced off in a televised debate, and one comment from Handel is sure to give everyone pause, from those on her side concerned with her public image to those voters who haven’t yet decided who they’ll cast their ballot for.

Handel, seemingly proud of what she was saying, admitted that she does not support a livable wage.

What kind of fool goes on television and says that? Has she never heard of the way that elections and public opinion work before?

Handel was responding to a question that seems to have been pulled from Facebook about whether or not she supports a minimum wage increase.

She said:

‘This is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative. I do not support a livable wage. What I support is making sure that we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulations.’

No matter how many times you read that, it still boggles the mind that anyone can get on TV and say that, let alone say that at all.

Handel went on to defend herself by claiming that her position is so that “those small businesses that would be dramatically hurt if you impose higher minimum wages on them are able to do what they do best — grow jobs and create good paying jobs.”

Ossoff replied to the same question by saying that yes, he does support a minimum wage increase. His reply — which was delivered before Handel’s — even addressed the favorite conservative talking point of minimum wage being a burden on smaller businesses due to rising labor costs. Ossoff said that he’d like to see a minimum wage increase imposed gradually.

He observed accurately: “If someone’s working a 40 hour work week, they deserve the kind of standard of living that Americans expect. That’s part of the American dream, and there are too many folks having trouble making ends meet.”

Watch video of this portion of the Tuesday night Ossoff/ Handel debate below. All polling currently shows a tight race between the two.


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