‘F*cking Cambodian N*gger!’: Man Harasses Woman And Her 9-Year-Old Daughter [Video]


A California woman filmed, and posted to Facebook, a run-in she had with a man while riding her bike with her 9-year-old daughter, that ended with the man calling her a “f*cking Cambodian n*gger.”

Paula Nuguid said she was on her bike in Sunnyvale – and was attempting to make a legal left turn — when the man began to lean on his horn and then called her a “b*tch,” reported Raw Story.

Nuguid recalls the details of the incident:

“This happened to me today at 4:33pm as I was traveling south on Frances St in the downtown area of Sunnyvale, California, which is part of Silicon Valley. I was trying to make a legal left into a parking lot where Frances St and Olsen St intersect. His claim I made an illegal right is absurd. I was traveling east in the bike lane on Evelyn Ave and the light was green as I turned right,” she wrote.  “I was signaling left and waiting for oncoming traffic to pass when this man began incessantly honking at me, calling me a b*tch, and telling me to get out of his way. I was attempting to make a left the way the California DMV recommends .”

In the video, Nuguid asks the man why he was honking at her and calling her a bitch?

Rolling up to his window, she said, “How f*cking dare you, you entitled white prick?”

“Oh, shut the f*ck up,” he smirked.

Nuguid said, “I can tell you’re not from California.”

The man responded, “You f*cking Cambodian n*gger, get out of here.”

“Excuse me, this is going to be on Facebook,” Nuguid replied.

The man, with a huge grin, sarcastically responded “Awesome,” over and over again before driving off.

Ms. Nuguid told Raw Story this is not the first time that she has been racially harassed by a white man while riding on her bike – but that “Cambodian n*gger”was a new one to her.

She also explained that she and her daughter cried a bit after the encounter and that she has already had to talk with her children about the racism that they will encounter. She also pointed out that she was surprised at the vitriol some are already spewing at her online. You can read the comments here.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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