Black AZ Leaders Want Confederate Monuments Removed


Joining the nationwide movement to get rid of the symbols of slavery and oppression, the debate over controversial Confederate symbols is now in Arizona.

A group of Arizona African American leaders and officials want Governor Ducey to take action and take the state’s 6 confederate monuments down, reported ABC15.

“[We will] discuss the meaning of Confederate monuments, how they impact the community and why Gov. [Doug] Ducey should immediately begin the process of removal,” the leaders said in a statement.

New Orleans recently made big headlines when it decided to remove their Confederate monuments, and a Mississippi lawmaker even said Louisiana leaders should be murdered for removing them.

The major issue at hand is that a lot of people believe the monuments glorify slavery and oppression of black people. Some others want to keep the monuments, claiming it’s a part of U.S. history and the monuments should stay intact.

On Monday morning, the NAACP, members of the Black Lives Matter movement and clergy are going to ask the governor to take the monuments down.

The Confederacy claimed the lower half of what is now Arizona in 1861, several decades before it became a US state in 1912.

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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