Angry Man Releases Bedbugs In City Hall: ‘They’re Your Problem, Now!’

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A man became disgruntled after being denied assistance in ridding his apartment of bedbugs, so he slammed a cup full of bedbugs on the counter, releasing about 100 of the pests.

The Kennebec Journal reported exterminators are confident all the bedbugs were killed before the City Center building opened Monday.

City development director Matt Nazar said a man came into the city’s General Assistance office on Friday seeking help with bedbugs at his apartment. Nazar said the apartment was already being sprayed and the man didn’t qualify for assistance finding other housing.


According to WGME, the man yelled “They’re your problem, now!” before dumping the cup of bed bugs.

Nazar said the man told police he wanted the government workers to experience what he was experiencing. Nazar called it “an extraordinary bit of misdirected anger.”

Police have not said if the man will be charged or forced to pay for  the exterminators.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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